DESKTO3 – Fountain Balls



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: DESKTO3 – Fountain balls are a great innovation that takes water and art to the next level. The different types of fountains range from the Marble Ball Fountain, the Kugel Ball Fountain, the Rotating Ball Fountain, the Stone Ball Fountain, and the Water Ball Fountain. These fountains are highly enhancing and keep the stress away and what’s more they can be set up in your very own plot of earth. The Sphere Fountain Ball is an extension of the Fountain Ball that is another variation to the highlighted editions of fountains. These Fountain Balls also break out into two other varieties, which are the Granite Fountain Ball and the Water Fountain Ball Floating. The fountain balls breathe new innovation into olden day’s water fountain and add on to the existing trends that are changing every day.

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