Product# TS4282

Dsc00001ap – Red Marble Ball

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: Dsc00001ap – A Marble fountain is constructed with careful eye towards thought and action. Whatever has been crafted onto marble fountains are an indirect reflection of its environment. The marble fountains of old and the best constructed ones are the ones that give close attention to detail rather than quantity. Size does not matter when the fountain itself inspires greatness. Decorative marble balls were first inserted to enhance reception and admiration of the marble balls. A marble ball can be constructed together to form a Marble Ball Water Fountain, which in turn is an innovation that has since grown into the Marble Sphere Fountain and Rolling Marble Fountain. Large Marble Fountains are beautiful artistic varieties that have awed every onlooker with its intrinsic detail, and eye for creativity.