DSC005647 – Kugelbrunnen

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: KugelbrunnenGießen fountain is resting on a sculpted rock base (basalt plateau), are assimilated into the seating. How To Build A Garden Water Fountain of KugelbrunnenMitBeleuchtung is an easy-to-install Round Ball Water Fountain with a appealing shell made of mastic. The Garden Fountain Landscape Ideas of fountain fits in any home or office, or on the balcony, terrace or garden. The Kugelbrunnen Granit Garten fountain helps to achieve the therapeutically recommended. The Pond Sphere Water Features fountain has closed water circuit in DIY Garden Fountain Waterfall. Subsequently, you do not need additional reservoir or external water supply for your KugelbrunnenFürGarten. A pump with power card is included in the Stainless Steel Garden Fountains.