EIGHT 2 – Kugel Balls



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: EIGHT 2 – The Kugel Ball is an affair with huge pieces of rock, stone or granite. They appear as floating substances in the name of the Kugel Ball Fountain. They have a strange affinity with capturing rugged terrains within their quiet mix of round calmness. The many Kugel Ball for Sale showcase the many faces of Kugel Balls. The Kugel Glass Balls that appear as see-through round magic fortune balls, and the Kugelbrunnen Solar an environmental subsidiary of the stone model. Kugelbrunnen Granit Garten, Kugelbrunnen Fur Garten and the Kugelbrunnen Selber Bauen are other variations and strict models that pertain to the kugel ball affair. Steinkugelbrunnen on the other hand offers the hand of a smooth Kugel ball that can adopt any street corner, public garden or even Central Park.

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