Product# TS4271

FengShuiFtn2 – Marble Fountains

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: FengShuiFtn2 – A Natural Marble Fountain still holds great reverence since its classical times. Tinged with natural hues, boldly decorated with careful lines and fitted centerpieces, the Marble Fountain is still in the business of mixing ancient and modern designs. Marble Fountains that exist today as they were back when are the designs of figurines, Italian Marble carvings, and abstract fountains. The Marble Sphere Fountain like the Geomantic Omen Stone Ball, a Floating Sphere Water Fountain showcases the depth of artistry. The Marble Fountain also features the Marble Ball Fountain, the Marble Ball Water Fountain and the Marble Garden Fountains. Large Marble Fountains that are seen across the globe are the infamous hand carved water fountains, the marble Italian statue fountains and the Rolling Marble Fountain. The Floating Marble Ball Fountain is another highlight of marble fountains. Used as natural stone fountains and kugel balls, the floating ball fountain brings in greater reception.