FSQ-10 – Floating Water Features

Category: Sphere Fountains – Sculpted Rock Base

Description: These sphere fountains are the latest in the trendsetting fountain world, where a mix of a marble sphere and fountain sphere is rolled into one to give you sphere fountains by the name of marble sphere water feature. The best thing about these sphere fountains is that they can be set up anywhere. With sphere fountains like these, featuring marble water fountains can be set as a floating ball water fountain, rolling marble fountain or water fountain ball floating indoors as pool fountains. This water feature ball when set up as sphere outdoor fountain would be best featured using the floating ball water fountain. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get one of these floating water features. FSQ-10 – The water features that make fountains of natural stone look great set up as a garden fountain is worth spending your money on. Topstone offers a range of floating water features that can be set up in your pool fountains or as a sphere fountain. the ball rolling design, a favorite among large garden water features is a great outdoor garden fountains that is currently on water fountains for sale, so rush quickly and get your own!