HPIM0723 – Sphere Globe Fountain

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: This one-of-a-kind globe fountain also known as a sphere globe fountain is one of those Water Fountain balls that you don’t want to miss out on your ‘buy water fountain’ trips to the local fountain depot. The interesting thing about this globe fountain is that it offers a lot of variety, where you can set up this ball fountain up outdoors as a beautiful lit glass or as solid granite creations or as a water feature with your garden sphere fountain. Also by using a ball fountain design, you can make your very own globe water features, for instance like the ball water features adorning huge fountains or a very nice-looking floating sphere fountain for your pools. This sphere globe fountain represents wholeness, and when set up as a garden ball fountain, or as indoors ball fountain designs, says something about its unity, refined yet rugged looks, and edgy class. HPIM0723 – Fountain Today’s fountains, like the Stone fountain follows the trend of blending natural and artificial landscaping to provide an aura of cool serenity in the backyard of homes. Unlike the kugelbrunnen which is a garden ball fountain, that gives an air of floating on a cloud, the garden water fountain and the garden ball provides a scenic natural trickle. The garden fountain adds to the landscape of earthiness as well as provides a soft mix of dirt, ferns and rock-cut contraptions. Gardening becomes a task to look forward to when you hear the soft sounds of water splashing about. The intrinsic garden ball braves the polite floating fountains outside posh restaurants, public avenues, and stands apart as miniature bold boulders that seem out of place in a neatly packed world. To add to the new craze of fountains, Floating fountains act as sheer sprinklers in a sea of water or in a pool fountain that range from ¼ to 50 hp with sprays from 4-100 feet that caters to a spectacular sight. There are many garden fountain ideas circulating that features to everyone’s creativity that range from 3-tiered outdoor fountains made of white marble and Moorish style tiles or hand-painted and glazed tiles adds to the beauty of the watery flow. Statues provide the perfect base for fountains. Fountains have been the talk of the ages and will continue so in times to come as well.