jm-fountainKimAppell-(15) – Black Granite Water Feature



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: jm-fountainKimAppell-(15) – Black Granite is found to be a classy yet serene base for a fountain particularly as witnessed in the smooth sleekness of a Black Granite Fountain. Granite Water Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from blocks, semicircles, balls, and spirals. Constructed with ingenuity, Granite Water Features showcase both modern oblique and ancient sturdy Granite Water Fountain with a thresh-like basin for cupping water. Large Granite Water Features that grace the walls of companies and other multinational corporations also add the flair of modernity like the Modern Water Features that showcases more of cutting edge design than the tranquil designs of Interior Water Features. Instead of only focusing on building a Granite Water Fountain Outdoor, take a chance on the Landscape Water Features that adds a more special touch. They do not advocate modern lines but rather goes with the flow of the water unlike the Rock Water Features that structure the rocks’ base to suit the rough details of the model.

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