large4 – Outdoor Ball Fountain



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: large4 – Who says that you can’t have a big granite ball hanging or sitting comfortably in a secluded corner? Well, the Water Ball Fountain is a creation from the minds of those who prefer an Outdoor Ball Fountain. Situated on the premises of a multinational corporation or in the backwoods of a casual park, the Ball Fountain Stone is unfailing in its charm. Variations like the Spinning Ball Fountain and the Floating Marble Ball Fountain all add that air of mounting that is a special feature of these Outdoor Ball Fountains. The Floating Stone Ball Fountain impresses with its random widths and ethereal quality that even outdo the Garden Ball Fountain in its simplistic yet compressed features. Speaking of Outdoor Ball Fountains, what comes to mind is the Water Feature Ball Fountain and the Spinning Granite Ball Fountain, both of which balance pressure, dexterity and charm to its environment without cutting off the natural enhancement that these fountains deliver.

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