MaritimeBaseSample – Round Fountain Base

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: Maritime Base Sample – A fountain, especially a man-made one, requires a solid balanced base before the construction of its upper layers. A Stone Fountain Base is perfect as it acts as a squared off supporting beam for Round Ball Water Features and the Round Ball Water Fountain. The Floating Granite Sphere Fountain on the other hand would require a stronger substance mould like a round base, preferably with granite itself. Whatever is the fountain, whether a Pearl Fountain, Earth Fountain, Rolling Stone Fountain or even the Black Marble Fountain, the required base positions will range between 44 square with 36” diameter. A Fountain Wheel gives the overall atmosphere a classic yet antique look. The Pool Fountain Designs also will indirectly be influenced by what type of base look it is given. Without the base constructed properly, the entire fountain is of no use.