P203002312 – Steinkugelbrunnen

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: P203002312 – A Kugelbrunnen offers a wide variety of options to choose from. With the Granite Kugel Ball Fountain, for instance, erected at any place it changes its whole makeover. It offers classic lines with just a touch of traditional design. Kugel Glass Balls offers a welcome substitute to the marble, granite and stone Kugelbrunnen. The Kugelbrunnen Zimmer and Kugelbrunnen Granit Garten flank the first rank of the Kugel Brunnen usually sold out in dozens. The Kugel Ball Fountain equals the same creative dexterity as its Marble Fountain or Granite Ball fountain counterparts. Kugel Balls are great enhancers that can shift the modern feel of a place. Every Kugel Ball lined just so proportionally will enhance the mood and change of environment effectively.