P203002512 – Indoor Stone Fountains



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: P203002512 – Indoor Stone Fountains range from Stone Sphere Fountains to Large Stone Fountains, Rolling Stone Fountain, and Sandstone Fountains. The simplest indoor fountain ever built is the Bronze fountain, a simple fluted bowl on a raised pedestal. The use of simple Granite Stone Balls as a replacement to the Marble or Limestone figureheads and complex design also works well. A Stone Water Fall is perfect for the indoors as a contraption of smooth stone bowls closely fitted together to enable the water to flow from one basin to the other smoothly. Limestone Garden Ornaments like figurines, flowery etchings and protruding lion-heads all add to the charm of having a stone fountain indoors. For those with simpler tastes, the Round Stone Fountain would be the perfect design mate. And yet for those looking for providing more eye to detail, the use of Garden Landscaping Stone will ensure a great outcome.

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