Paw Paw ChurchPicture2 – Atlas Fountain

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: Paw Paw ChurchPicture2 – The Atlas Fountain features the best of mythology and artistry captured in solid form. The Globe Fountain, which shows Atlas carrying the world literally on his shoulders, is a timeless rendition. Majestic to behold and jealous to own, these Globe Fountains feature the best kind of art, the one that touches the heart of any onlooker. The art of a God. The Granite Globe Fountain attached to the arms of the Man/God, equals praise indeed. This Globe Water Feature is awe-inspiring especially when the full force of the fountain’s water is turned on. These can also substitute as Garden Globes, where the natural setting will enhance the heroic centerpiece of the Water Fountain Globe more powerfully. The Sphere Globe Fountain or the Sphere Water Fountain Globe, is not just a representation of a fountain, but a work of art that just happens to depict a water fountain. The Granite Globe itself holds its own heroic proportions with etchings of ancient art on its surface. The Globe Water Fountain stands on its own merit as a reminder of ancient tales and heroism of the past.