tn_indy302ltgry_jpg – Fountain White



Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: tn_indy302ltgry_jpg – The Fountain white is like a huge white granite ball that would make great garden globes. This unassuming décor sits like a toppled kugelbrunnen, with color. This great decorative piece would not only suit a fountain but also replicate as garden spheres for a delightful ball-lugged walk down your sidewalk. This also would feature well with outdoor water fountains supporting the water while remaining its poised self. And if you are looking for ways to sharpen your garden fountain, the fountain white is the right choice. Its sphere fountain-like mould makes great backyard water features. The marble ball which is what it really just looks like offers a variety from your usual stone décor all the while doing a good job of highlighting a serenity that was previously lacking.

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