Product# TS81

TSonyx8 – Decorative Marble Balls

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: TSonyx8 – Decorative Marble Balls transcends as mere Stone Décor adds an architectural flair coupled with an earthy smooth finish. Garden Balls Decorative is the way to go today with some interesting greenish tint marbles as the perfect catch. These carved objects can also substitute as Water Features For Decks depending on its hue and make. This metamorphosed creation in all its hard, cold texture is also suited to the outside as a Stone Garden Décor. The Red Marble Ball, another facet of this grand marble ball can either be placed inside as smooth caricatures lining the sidewalk, or as an accompaniment of sorts. The Decorative Black Marble Fountain is especially popular with the makings of globe rolling fountains. The Marble Sphere Balls continue their mixed collaborations with the refined models like the Marble Sphere fountain and the Rolling Marble Fountain. Not forgetting the fact that the most favored spot for marble spheres are as Stone Balls Garden Decoration